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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Short Trip to Greenwich 8th February 2011

As the weather has finally approved after months of snow,rain and winds, today the sun was shining and the wind dropped. I thought I'd get a short bike ride (26 miles) in to Greenwich before work I set off from Romford via Dagenham,Barking onto the new cycle highway from Barking as far as Beckton where I made my way down to the Woolwich ferry to cross the Thames.
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I then made my way along through Woolwich,Charlton under the A102  and onto Greenwich.Where I had a very quick look around the National Maritime Museum.  
 Sorry about the photos, poor camera on my mobile phone and direct sunlight :(.
The miss Britain III powerboat.

The Prince Frederick Barge.

After a whistle stop tour of the museum , due to lack of time and needing to get to work on time, I rushed up the hill ( a very steep hill) in Greenwich park to the Greenwich Observatory. Here there are fantastic views across London.

 I made my back back along the same route as far as Barking and into work :(
(felt a little tired, lack of cycling through the winter other than the daily commute to work )
Will have to come back with the kids some day :)