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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bike ride to Dovercourt/Harwich and back 24th October 2011

On Monday the 24th October 2011 I set off from Highview Grange Park in Great Clacton for a bike ride on my old Mountain bike that is usually reserved for my winter commutes in the snow. But not wanting to leave a high value bike locked up outside a caravan in all weathers for the week, I opted to use the MTB.
Struggling with a cold, high winds and a heavy old bike with knobbly tyres and limited amount of gears this made the journey difficult.A total of about 32 miles from Great Clacton to Dovercourt and Harwich and back.
 Along the way I passed many a pretty cottage as you can see....................

Little Clacton

 Travelling through Thorpe-Le-Soken and Beaumont Cum Moze pass loads of pretty fields, on this ride I saw Sparrowhawks, Buzzards, Pheasants, Lapwings, Patridges and more......

Passed more forget how small our ancestors were, just look at how small the doors are !!

A little further along there were fields and fields of  cabbages, probably all be pinched if growing around where I live lol.... should imagine a smell kicks up after a heavy rain!!

Then passing St Mary's House in Little Oakley that was formerly a Church but now a grade II listed house.

This area of Little Oakley,Great Oakley,Dovercourt and Harwich are park of The Witch finders way ride, which is coincidental as its so close to Halloween :)

Glimpse of the sea in the distance

And finally down into Dovercourt.......

View from Dovercourt to Harwich and beyond to Felixstowe with its cranes


The new Higher light Lighhouse

View of the lower light lighthouse through the legs of the new higher light lighthouse.

Harwich Maritime Museum which was the original lower light lighthouse

View of the Original Higher light Lighthouse (Now disused)

Any ideas what this is?

View from Harwich across to Felixstowe

Fisherman busy fixing his nets

The foot ferry that takes people across to Shotley and Felixstowe had stopped running for the season , which was a shame.
View across to Shotley Suffolk

Foresters The oldest house in Harwich circa 1450

Redoubt Fort

On the way back, I followed the same route and eventually arrived back on the site knackered!

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