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Monday, 15 July 2013

Ride out to The Viper PH Mill Green 15.07.13

I decided to take a ride out to The Viper PH in Mill Green near Ingatestone Essex. The  sun was beating down and had reached 32oC... A hot day indeed for a ride.

I set off from Collier Row and cycled up the first hill of the day up Orange Tree Hill Havering-Atte-Bower.

The ancient village sits on one of the highest points in London, in the far north of the borough. It is situated 344 feet (105 m) above sea level with striking views of east London, Essex and Kent.

St John The Baptist Church at Havering-Atte-Bower
I rode along through Havering-Atte-Bower turning right into Tysea Hill and then onto Horseman side.I cross over the M25 and pass The Alma Arms,pass the King William Ph now a private home and follow onto Tanhouse lane. At the end I turn right onto Princes Road. On this road is an old warehouse. This is a listed building described as;

Granary. C17. Timber-framed, weatherboarded, half hipped roof,peg-tiled. 2 storeys. Ground floor interior brick infilling on N side. Good framing with trapped side purlin roof and carpenters marks. The granary forms a group with The Black Mill.

 After the Granary I turn left onto Navestock side past the cricket green and past Alecs restaurant previously The White Horse PH. At the end I turn onto Crown road and then onto the Ongar Road.After a short while I turn right onto Blackmore Road and ride along I miss where the Blackmore Road turns off and cycled along Hook End Rd and Mill Lane before realising my mistake and doubling back. I take Hay Green Lane as this lead towards Blackmore Road. Once more on Blackmore Road.

I turned right onto Ingatestone road and past some lovely cottages.
After a while a steep hill starts and continues for some distance,once at the top,I stopped for a rest.But didnt really need to as the pub was only a 100 or so yards around the corner.

I arrived at 1130 hrs only to find out that the pub doesn't open until 1200. Well I cycled all this way 16.5 miles I wasn't going till I had my beer. So I sat in the beer garden in the glorious sun eagerly awaiting.

I was in as soon as the pub opened and ordered as pint of Jake The Snake by Viper Ales brewed in Brentwood by Mighty Oaks Breweries and a packet of pork scratchings.

The Ale tasted great.... Type Golden Ales ABV 4.0%
Hoppy citrus golden beer.

I finished up and cycled off home along Mill Green Road and back onto Ingatestone Rd,Blackmore Road but this time I turn right onto The Green at Blackmore. Here was a lovely village green and a cracking village.


  I am once more on Blackmore road,there are signs "Save The Bull". It appears this refers to The Bull PH that is for sale in Blackmore.VILLAGERS fear the planned construction of two cottages in the beer garden of a Grade II-listed disused pub will spell the end for the hostelry.

I ride into Keveldon Hatch and pass the 15th Century built pub of The Shepherd Inn.

Opposite is the village green and a duck pond.

I take the same route home and arrive home having completed 32.5 miles, average speed of 12.5 mph and a top speed of 30.5 mph. I wasnt aiming to race but have a leisurely ride in the sun.

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